Welcome to NAIT IR’s “By the Numbers”

HP CentreOur vision for the NAIT Institutional Research “By the Numbers” blog is to create a space to highlight interesting trends in post-secondary education. Often, these trends will relate specifically to NAIT students and staff since much of IR’s incoming data is from our own registrar’s office as well as surveys we have conducted on campus.

Our goals with NAIT By the Numbers:

  1. To promote the use of Institutional Research resources internally at NAIT, including reports, data sets, and survey tools, and, where possible, to provide support for our colleagues who are needing to conduct surveys or analyse data as part of their own work at NAIT.
  2. To engage our colleagues at NAIT and outside of the institution in a discussion about Canadian post-secondary education, focusing on the unique perspective of Canadian polytechnics.
  3. Above all, we plan to tell interesting data-driven stories about NAIT, hopefully providing some useful insight into the latest policies and trends impacting post-secondary education in Canada.

Find us on twitter @NAIT_IR

Thanks for reading!


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